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Cocktails & Mischief
on Bleecker St.

The Vibe

BOSCO, located in the heart of Greenwich Village, is a cozy craft cocktail bar & restaurant serving traditional Tex-Mex Cuisine with New York City flare.

Behind the name

BOSCO, from the owners of Tara Rose & Alligator Pear, owner Kevin Doherty brings his passion for imaginative cocktails and spectacular hospitality to life on Bleecker Street! Bosco pays homage to the noteworthy Mario Bosco delicatessen that was once on Bleecker Street, and the cheeky red-haired puppet from the classic Irish television show from the 80’s. This establishment pulls inspiration from Irish, Mexican, and American culture making it a one-of-a-kind experience for Bleecker Street Dining.


Playful & imaginative - Our craft cocktails draw inspiration from American, Irish, and Mexican traditions, all innovatively reimagined under the expert guidance of our Beverage Director, Conor Bandall

Beverage Menu


Discover the harmonious blend of hearty comfort food and lively Tex-Mex zest. Chef Alan Delgado masterfully curates a menu with a diverse selection to satisfy every palate

Food Menu